Why should I get a 1800 Number?

It's a well known fact within Marketing circles that using a free phone number will increase response rates to your advertising. As potential customers don’t have to pay for their call, more of them are likely to call and if you receive more calls, you will generate more business!

Independent Market Research Shows:

  • More than 80% of people know that 1800 Ireland virtual numbers cost nothing to call.
  • By advertising a lo-call 1800 number you will increase response rates by up to a massive 300%
  • Customers nearly always call a free phone number first, rather than call an Irish phone number that they will have to pay for.
  • Online live & historic statistics will show which advertisements are producing the best returns.
  • Online moves & changes enable you to control your own destiny. In the event of an “on site disaster”, you have full control to reroute where you deliver your calls to at the touch of a button.

Caller charging information given as an example only. Please check with originating operators for exact call charges.

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