Why should I get a 1850 Number?

Customers calling from standard Eircom telephone will only pay 6.66c fixed charge no matter where they call from within Ireland, regardless of the time that they spend on the phone (calls from Mobile, Charge Cards and other networks may cost more). You just pick up the balance of the cost of the call.

  • This Call save number is ideal for promoting customer loyalty, but with a small amount of cost, just enough to stop the occasional caller.
  • Online live & historic statistics will show which advertisements are producing the best returns.
  • Online moves & changes enable you to control your own destiny in the event of an “on site disaster”, you have full control to reroute where you deliver your calls to at the touch of a button
  • Your Ireland virtual phone number is portable, hence you will never need to change your number again.

Caller charging information given as an example only. Please check with originating operators for exact call charges.

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