Why should I get a 1890 Number?

Let your customers call you from anywhere in Ireland for the price of a local call (before any discounts), customers calling from standard Eircom telephone will pay 5.17c day time & 1.32c Evening / Weekends per minute while you pay the balance (calls from Mobile, Charge Cards and other networks may cost more). Unlike 1850 number, callers will pay the local rate for the duration of the call, for example a 5 minute call to you will cost your customer 25.85c (assuming call is from Eircom line during the day)

  • Advertising an Ireland virtual 1890 phone number gives your business a "local feel" whilst still maintaining a national presence.
  • Conveys a professional image
  • Online live & historic statistics will show which advertisements are producing the best returns.
  • Online moves & changes enable you to control your own destiny in the event of an “on site disaster”, you have full control to reroute where you deliver your calls at the touch of a button
  • Your Irish lo-call number is portable, hence you will never need to change your number again.

Caller charging information given as an example only. Please check with originating operators for exact call charges.

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