Anti Spam Service

The Cost of Spam

No one wants Spam. It’s a total pest - it wastes your time, endangers your company and hogs your bandwidth.

A recent survey by Mail Distiller highlighted the growing problem of Spam

  • Only one in 15 of e-mails received was legitimate e-mail traffic;
  • Nine of every ten e-mails processed were spam;
  • 1 in 388 e-mails contained a virus;
  • The two largest spam categories were fraud and phishing.

When you have spam, you have lost time. Time spent removing spam is money down the drain.

Our solution

TSG's partner in the battle against Spam is an easy-to-use Mail distiller, the award winning developer of Anti Spam software. Together we combat denial of service pishing  and spoofing - and all such horrible invaders in Cork, Dublin and all over Ireland. Anti-Spam and anti-virus filtering service : an ideal solution for small and medium sized businesses, which prevents problems reaching your business.

Our unique selling point is that we give you a managed service. You phone us and we protect your business within minutes. Incredibly low cost and great value for money.

Our solution is so simple. You can easily manage your incoming mail (blacklisting and whitelisting): you get a daily report listing your blocked mail.

With TSG, you’re fully in control of who gets through to your business.

  • We prevent the problem reaching your business
  • All Incoming Mails are cleaned
  • You get pure filtered email, scrubbed of spam and viruses
  • Automatic Back Up of your Mail in the event of IT failure