Call Centre Report Writing

The key to running a successful call centre is to ensure that up-to-the-minute, vital information is delivered in a comprehensive and concise manner. At TSG our report writing solutions are designed to ensure that managers have instant access to vital information at all times, all over Ireland.

Weaknesses With Standard Reporting Systems

Many call centres around the country are still using standard reporting systems. However, managers are increasingly finding that the majority of information they are generating is useless. Our experience in the industry has shown us that:

  • On average, only 10% of the information generated by standard reports is actually being used
  • In some cases, almost one-third of employees' time each week is spent servicing inadequate reporting systems
  • In many cases these systems have not been properly implemented

Benefits Of TSGs Customised Reporting Solutions

At TSG we understand the nature of the call centre business and the importance of real time data. Our customised reporting solutions are designed to make it as easy as possible to communicate vital information instantly.

We guarantee all of our call centre customers that by using our automated, customised reporting systems, time wasting will become a thing of the past. Using the Nortel Symposium Server suite of products our reporting solutions will:

  • Provide every team member with the optimum information
  • Ensure information is presented in the most appropriate format
  • Guarantee information is delivered at the most suitable times

Customised Crystal Reports

Our telecoms experts take the time to fully understand and analyse your business requirements. Armed with this information, we write customised Crystal Reports and integrate them into your system. This ensures that problems such as falling customer service levels and an increase in abandoned calls can be immediately identified and acted upon.

Full training is provided for all staff members to ensure each individual can use the system to its optimal benefit.

Contact us today to see how our customised reporting solutions can drive the performance of your call centre.