Free phone and Locall Numbers

In Cork, Dublin and all over Ireland, TSG support our customers to obtain Virtual Irish phone numbers.

We pride ourselves on making our Telecommunication Technology affordable, flexible and simple to use without the need for costly equipment or timely configuration. We offer a range of 'off the shelf' services, if we do not already have the service you require our engineers are on hand to design and develop a service to meet your requirements.

Our Intelligent Call Handling Platform and robust Telecom Network enable us to provide the functionality usually associated with expensive PBX equipment including: IVR (Intelligent Voice Response), Call Queuing, Call Recording and many others. This all runs on a cent per minute pricing model so you only pay for what you use.

Our services are provided via a range of highly memorable National Call (0818), Local Call (1890), Free phone (1800), Callsave 1850 and AreaCall (Dublin 01, Cork 021, Galway 091, Limerick 061) numbers.

Telecom Products and Services

We offer a range of products and services including:

Call Queuing

Don’t lose another call! Our intelligent Call Queuing platform means that we answer all inbound calls, stack them up and hold onto them until you have an operator available.
We can also play a series of messages to the callers whilst they wait, so you can market your products and services, ask a caller to have specific information ready, provide answers to frequent queries and offer a range of information to your caller, all before they have reached the operator.

Call Recording

Looking for a way to improve take up on calls made to and from your business? Call Recording allows for monitoring and improvement of the customer experience. Call recording can streamline training and evaluation of Call Operatives by using real calls as an example. It can also help protect staff and the business when conflict situations develop. There are many benefits to call recording and now we make it simple to implement into your business. The TSG call recording package allows you to record all inbound and outbound calls and access them from a web interface without any of the complexities and expense normally associated with a Call Recording service.

Conference Call

It is not always easy to get all the people you need together for a meeting not to mention the time and expense involved in attending in person. The TSG Conference Call platform allows up to twenty participants to join a call so discussions can take place. This makes it easy for you, your clients and colleagues to exchange information and can speed up business transactions.

Fax to Email

Access your faxes on the move and lose that tired old fax machine. The TSG Fax-to-Email system provides you with a fax number that receives faxes and then forwards them onto an email address of your choice. Fax with all the availability and freedom of email.

Bespoke IVR

An IVR (Interactive Voice Response) system provides a professional, intelligent front-end for your telephone lines and provides a range of benefits to your customers and business. A TSG IVR system can be used to route calls to correct departments, provide answers to frequently asked questions, gather customer information, and deal with peak call times through queuing or ring-back features. The TSG Bespoke IVR solution puts you in control and allows you to build the call flow, upload your own audio files, bolt-on a range of pre configured functionality and control call distribution – all of this is done through an understandable web based control-panel and all changes are live as soon as you ‘click’ a button.