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At TSG our constant aim is to transform the efficiency of your business IT systems. We are committed to offering all of our customers comprehensive, cost-effective and high quality customer support at all times.


TSG offers a comprehensive range of maintenance packages. We provide packages for clients who require specific support, for example site-to-site Virtual Private Networks (VPNs). We also offer general support agreements that take care of your entire network and guarantee a response time on your servers in the event of an outage. Whatever your maintenance requirement, we can tailor our approach to your individual needs.


The TSG Helpdesk provides customers with a prompt and efficient resolution to most desktop computer issues. In the majority of cases, when a client requires support from a computer technician, it is only for brief intervention.

Using the 'Helpdesk Client' application, users can initiate a remote control session. During this session, TSG takes remote control of the user's desktop PC and can solve the issue immediately. The Helpdesk Client does not need any prior installation - customers can simply log on via the Internet. This ensures that both the customer and TSG technician are looking at the same information on the PC. In fact, both parties can control the PC, leading to a more favourable and rapid solution.

Client Log-in

Our 'Client Log-in' facility provides a secure management facility whereby we can exchange documents, data files, etc. with our clients. For example, diagnostic applications can be uploaded and clients can then upload corrupt documents, log files etc. for our technicians to analyse. This management facility leads to better tracking of documents, thereby removing the confusion that can arise when sending via email.

Frequently Asked Questions

A useful resource to help customers make the most of our products and services. We have compiled a library of Frequently Asked Questions to answer a range of general and technical questions you may have.


Bill Payment

Online bill payment now available. Please click here and login with your client login details.