Telecom Services

We provide an independent telecommunications consultancy service, with a particular focus on the call centre sector. Specialising in voice and data communications, we provide expert advice on how to get the most from your telecoms systems in terms of value and service. We also provide a full range of telecoms services including the provision of Free phone, Lo-call and Geographical numbers to our Clients in Cork, Dublin and all over Ireland. 

Our services include:

No Substitute For Experience

TSG has worked with a range SMEs nationwide, providing strategic advice and technical support for their call centre operations. Our team has over 30 years collective experience in the industry, setting up new facilities and performing operational audits on existing facilities.

Each team member has an in-depth understanding of the call centre business, both from an internal and external perspective. We keep abreast of all the latest developments in the industry and technology to ensure our clients have access to expert advice at all times.

Contact us today to find out more about our Call Centre Consultancy service and to see how we can transform the efficiency of your operations.