Web Hosting Testimonials

Financial Wellbeing

'After setting up my company Financial Wellbeing I needed to source a domain name for my company. I also needed web hosting and personalised email addresses. This was an important part of my business and this is why I approached you.

You quickly took my problem away and organised my new domain name http://www.financialwellbeing.ie within 24-hours. This domain name now hosts my new website. You also organised personalised email address for Financial Wellbeing. However, what was more impressive was that I didn't have to do anything. A member of your staff called Mike Nowak rang me up and after I clicked on your website he then took control of my computer. He changed my settings so that my emails now arrive to my inbox and the whole process was flawless.

I have not had issues with my email account since this was set up and for someone who prefers to deal with people than computers this is very important.

I see by your website that TSG is a young, innovative company that provides high quality IT & telecommunications solutions to small and medium sized businesses (SMEs) all over Ireland.

Well I am a small business and can back up your statement on high quality IT solutions.'

- Allan M. Cuthbert QFA, Financial Planner