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Wordpress! What is it?

  • the most popular Free CMS system - stable, seo friendly system developing from years
  • over 50.000 created templates - fast website development with free and commercial templates
  • over 70.000 free plugins - simply way to add additional functions to website
  • 27 % websites is using wordpress - from small to big web services

To run your wordpress web hosting sucesfully TSG give you few core components:

  • High performance SSD disks - you will see big difference in your website performance - your website will be much faster
  • WordPress autoinstaller - get your wordpress base installation ready in minutes.
  • Backup - don't panic if you lost data you cn easly recover single file from previous date
  • WebFirewall - be secure with our firewall driven by AI system with proactive defence functions
  • Anti DDOS protection - our system is protecting your website 24/7 against all types of DDoS attacks
  • multiple PHP version - select PHP version which you need from 5.x to 7.x
  • Support - use phone, email or live chat to contact with our grate support team